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  • "The Classic" Bike Suit Bag
  • "The Classic" Bike Suit Bag
  • "The Classic" Bike Suit Bag
  • "The Classic" Bike Suit Bag
  • "The Classic" Bike Suit Bag
  • "The Classic" Bike Suit Bag
  • "The Classic" Bike Suit Bag

"The Classic" Bike Suit Bag


Garment Bag Meets Bike Bag.

The original bike bag for taking your suit to work. The Classic bike suit bag is designed to simplify the commute to work and play with crisp, wrinkle free clothes.

The Classic is highly water-resistant. It is made of 700-denier polyurethane-coated nylon cordura that is used in rugged backpacks, bags and outdoor products. The polyurethane inner coating gives the nylon water resistance. Short of diving into the pool, The Classic can handle just about anything you throw at it...but don't just take our word for it.

Almost all standard bike racks work great with Two Wheel Gear. The only criteria is that the rack have a prong extending from the bottom for a ring to hook over (almost all bike racks have this feature). See how to attach the Classic Bike Suit Bag here.

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Quick facts

  • Lots of storage.  3,448 cubic inches of packability. No more rolling clothes. Extra deep side billow pockets pack your shoes, toiletries, laptops and anything you might need for the daily grind. 
  • Wrinkle free.  All the function of a travel pannier on the back of your bike. Transfer hangers from your closet to your bag. Bag hangs vertically for easy changing.
  • Easy to attach.  Mounting brackets on the bottom of the pannier clamp to most standard bike racks. Velcro straps securely fasten around the bottom rack posts.
  • Comfortable.  Carry it like a briefcase or your gym bag.

Want to hear what the bike community thinks of the bag? Check out our bag reviewed on Commutebybike.com!


Bag Dimensions

Main Compartment 37"x 18.5" x 3"
Large Exterior Pockets (2) 12.5" x 11.5" x 3"
Small Exterior Pockets (2) 10" x 9" x 2"
Top Ridge Pocket 11.5" x 5" x 3"

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