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Bike Commuter Resources

Two Wheel Gear - Commuter Series

Just starting out? Two Wheel Gear commuter Dave Norris gives you a run through the basics.

Two Wheel Gear Commuter Series - Videos

1. Intro - Dress


2. Intro - Fenders 

3. Intro - Tools

Bike Commuting - Where to start

Sitting in traffic sucks. The ride to work, school or socializing is a great way to unwind, burn some calories and beat the traffic. A checklist helps make it easy. Below is a solid list of key pieces to the bike commute puzzle to make your ride easier.

  • Bike tune-ups. Just like your car, bikes ride better with a little TLC from your local bike shop
  • Bike locks. You get what you pay for in locks, so pay more.
  • Safety Gear: Helmet, gloves, glasses, bright clothing. Goes without say, but, if you're banged up you can't ride!
  • Cycling Apparel: Extra layers for warmth, rain gear. 
  • Gadgets: Front and rear lights, and a bell.
  • Clothing for work - Remember the little things like socks, tie and underwear
  • Toiletries - Clean up when you get there. Riding can be a hard and dirty job.
  • Plan your route before ride - Try and avoid congested areas (If you must ride in traffic, understand the traffic flow and understand the rules of the road). Google maps is always a solid go-to if you're unsure

Commuting Links

We are a proud supporter of the Calgary Commuter Challenge. Cities across North America compete yearly in the Commuter Challenge. Join with a friend in your area.

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