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Feedback from Rick in Northern Vermont

One from Rick... Contact Form Submission: Name: Rick Body: I have used you bag for commuting year-round for 5 years in Northern Vermont and I would still be using it except that it was stolen so I have ordered another. It has stood up remarkably well to cold, snow, salt, slush, sleet etc. It is the only bag that works conveniently for a suit and, if it is not convenient, you will not use it long for a daily commute. It is  well constructed for shedding water. I know permanently water-proofing a flexing fabric is problematic, but if you could come..  - Read More

Two Wheel Gear - Customer Review

We love feedback. We received this email yesterday from Ed in Seattle. We wanted to share his honest thoughts on his Two Wheel Gear bag... Contact Form Submission: Name: Ed  Hi.  Wanted to send you a couple of comments about your bag.  I've been using it for over a month and put over 500 miles on it, and in general I'm very pleased.  I live in Seattle, ride about 32 miles a day and have used it through various weather conditions.  Even in a somewhat heavy rain, all items stayed dry.  So here are the comments I have:The good:1) Big..  - Read More

Two Wheel Gear - Roots

Established in 1999, we've been around for awhile although you may have never come across us on the street....this is changing! Two Wheel Gear was started by Ken MacLean and Craig Coulombe in 1999. The two were University of Calgary roommates, who both started working downtown Calgary and cycling into the core. The goal was to get their gear off their backs by making a cycling pannier that could take their work clothes to the office wrinkle free....No Rolling, No Folding, No Sweaty Back Pack. The result was the Two Wheel Gear commuter bike bag (aka: 2WG Commuter Pannier) and..  - Read More

Commuter Pannier. Pack Everything.

 My Gear   I'll admit that I am not the lightest packer. I like to be prepared. I take a small pack of roadside maintenance gear so I don't get stranded. The rest is really necessity for the daily trip. Above is my typical gear pack. My dress clothes are inside the main pocket (dress pants, dress shirt, jacket, socks, boxers and belt). I rarely commute with my dress shoes as I like to leave them at the office..but they are packed above. I shower when I get there so I always bring a towel, thongs, shampoo, deodorant, toothbrush and..  - Read More

Our commuter bike bag reviewed by Commute by Bike!

As a fairly young company out to design products specifically for urban cycling, we were excited -- and maybe a bit nervous -- to have one of the blogosphere's most respected authority on bike commuting, Commute by Bike, tell us that they'd like to review our bag! Well, after some nail biting and waiting for the verdict to come out, we are extremely pleased to say that we managed to prove to the bike commuting community that our bag managed to impress: "Overall Evaluation. This is a seriously well-thought-out product. There is a certain elegant simplicity to the design thattranslates equally into usability and..  - Read More

A Commuter's Daily Trip Items

Dave sent us this picture of his daily trip items. Pack your two wheel gear bag accordingly!    - Read More

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