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How does the custom monogram work?

Custom, laser etched monograms are available for all styles of The Heath Waxed Canvas Messenger Bag. All of our custom laser etching is done in Vancouver, Canada. Monograms are available in up to 5 characters on either the front or inside leather trims of the bag. Laser etching is a delicate process so we take our time and make sure it is perfect. Our customized bag orders are completed in batches typically twice per month so expected ship times can be up to 14 days after purchase (but we always try to ship products as soon as available).

Laser etching is a permanent process. Because of this, all sales are final on customized orders however, we still provide a two year limited warranty on any manufacturing defects. NOTE: Should your bag need to be replaced, your new bag will not be customized.


Monograms are currently available in three fonts:


How do I clean my waxed cotton bag?

Staywax® cotton was created to be durable and versatile. Designed to be machine washable at 30ºC. The laundering process enhances the distressed appearance of the fabric, adding to the character of the garment. Staywax® fabrics can also be pressed using a cool iron which will reduce the distressing, partially restoring the original appearance. To avoid unnecessary damage to washing machines and basins, we strongly recommend tucking metal buckles inside the bag before washing. The leather found on models such as The Heath are intended for outdoor use and will inherently 'weather' over time. If you would prefer maintaining the look of the leather, we recommend applying a leather protector product.

Is the Classic Bike Suit Bag waterproof?

Our Classic Bike Suit Bag is extremely water-resistant. We don’t claim it to be waterproof because you can’t immerse it without water seeping through the seams or zippers. It is made of 600D PVC coated Polyester that can be found in rugged backpacks, bags and outdoor products. The inner coating gives the Polyester extreme water resistance. The Classic Bike Suit Bag keeps contents dry under rigorous testing in harsh weather.

What type of bike rack is compatible with the Bike Suit Bag?

Almost all standard bike racks like Blackburn, Axiom, Planet Bike, Topeak, MEC and Filzer work great. The only criteria is that the rack have a prong extending from the bottom for a ring to hook over. Almost all bike racks have this feature.

How do I attach the Bike Suit Bag to my rack?

Set the pannier on your rack, hook the D-Rings and secure with the velcro straps. It's simple and secure. Check out the How To Video in the Product section. 

What is your return policy?

We will refund your purchase in full within 30 days of delivery if you are not satisfied with your Two Wheel Gear product for any reason. Try it out in your commuting routine. If the product is not a compatible riding partner, ship it back to us for a full refund. Please email us at info@twowheelgear.com for return/refund instructions.

What is your warranty policy?

We offer a two year limited warranty on any manufacturing defects that result in product failure from materials or workmanship. Please email us at info@twowheelgear.com for warranty claim instructions. Please send along photos of the warranty issue to help us process the claim. 

Where is it designed and manufactured?

We design our products in Vancouver, BC, Canada. We manufacture our products in Vancouver, BC and Calgary, AB, Canada. From -30 C / -22F to +30 C / 86F rain, snow and shine; we handle some serious weather elements.

How do I get Two Wheel Gear products in my shop?

Shoot us an email at info@twowheelgear.com and one of our team members will be in touch shortly.


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