2020 Christmas Gift Guide for Biking Enthusiasts

Christmas shopping is set to look a little different this year. While we may not be battling the usual Christmas crowds, falling down online rabbit holes in an effort to find the perfect gift is no fun either. Plus, nobody needs that level of stress after everything else 2020 has thrown at us - are we right?     

Luckily for you, outdoor enthusiasts are probably one of the easiest groups of people to buy for. The world of biking comes loaded with tools, gadgets and pieces of clothing designed for safe, comfortable rides.  

Whether you’re buying for a seasoned cyclist or someone new to the roads, we’ve rounded up a list of our top 10 goodies from our favourite brands that help us ride easy.


Bike pants 

Cycling in jeans is no fun, and your favourite waterproof pants aren’t always ‘meeting appropriate’. Fellow Vancouver company Kit and Ace have created the ultimate ‘Commute Pants’, which take cyclists seamlessly from bike to office. 

Duer’s Live Lite Pant is also made with breathable fabric and crafted with stretch for maximum comfort, while rocking a streamlined silhouette. Who said cycling gear couldn’t be cool?


Flat Sole (non clip) Biking and Casual Shoes

Let’s face it, biking shoes don’t always make the most aesthetic footwear. Luckily, the Five Ten Sleuth DLX unisex shoes have a dotty rubber sole to effectively grip pedals and safe your shins from bruising. The design also provides great toe protection and its easy-care suede will transport any cyclist from bike to night out. 


Helmets are the ultimate essential for any cyclist, but it’s not always easy to find one that suits you. Our favourite helmet brands include Thousand helmets for their vintage, eye-catching designs and modern-look Bern Union Helmet for urban riding cool. 


Cycling Socks

We get that socks for Christmas may be a tad on the cliche side as far as Christmas gifts go, but The Sock Guy’s fun designs will bring a smile to the face of any rider, while keeping toes toasty. 


Front Baskets and Racks

From holding your groceries to stashing your parcels, the handiness of front baskets and racks knows no bounds! Wald Front Baskets and Racks is one of our favourite brands for good quality, easy fitting baskets and racks. 


Commute Tools

Cyclists never know when they're going to get in a fix with their bike, so it’s wise for newbies and experienced riders alike to carry a multi-tool. The I-beam multi-tool from Park Tools is lightweight, with 3, 4, 5, 6 and 8mm hex wrenches as well as a flat blade screwdriver to solve any minor issues and keep your bike in safe, working order. 



Bike gadgets are the modern cyclist’s new best friend. Whether you're looking for navigation help, anti-theft tech, cycling metrics, lights, or communication with your friends and family, the SmartHalo 2 has everything a cyclist needs to keep them feeling safe and secure on the roads. 



Winter Warriors

Winter cycling isn’t for the faint of heart, but with the right gear it’s certainly a lot more appealing! Your face and hands often take the brunt of those icy winter winds, so treat the rider in your life with a high quality baclava, like the Arc'teryx MOTUS BALACLAVA  and a pair of Bar Mitts. Trust us - they’ll need ‘em! 


Handlebar Phone Mount

Taking phone calls or snapping pictures can be a tricky business mid-ride, so gift the cyclist in your life with a Handlebar Phone Mount from Quad Lock. It's the lightest, strongest and most secure smartphone bike mount on the market, and keeps phones in place over any bump or jump.


Best Bike Bags

We admit, we may be a little biased. But our selection of bike bags here at Two Wheel Gear is kind of second to none. From panniers and backpacks to handlebar bags and seat packs, Two Wheel Gear bags are an essential part of any cycling trip. You're welcome! 


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From the Bike to the Boardroom

We had the pleasure of sitting down with Rachel Loong of Gastown.org at my local caffeine stop (Timber Train Coffee Roasters) to chat about Two Wheel Gear and why we decided to set up shop in Vancouver's oldest neighbourhood and greatest start-up hub.  

Two Wheel Gear - Reid Hemsing - Bike to Boardroom


CTV News: Lonny Balbi - Bike to Work Day Founder & Two Wheel Gear Advocate

Recently I connected with Lonny Balbi, founder and organizer of Calgary Bike To Work Day happening Friday, May 1, 2015. Lonny is a longtime bike commuter and truly outstanding guy. This year, Lonny is donating $1 for every bike that shows up at the event's headquarters in Eau Claire Market to the Nathan O'Brien Children's foundation. With an average of 4,000-5,000 commuters stopping by for breakfast (catered by Lonny's law practice), Lonny is in for making a pretty substantial donation from his own pocket.  

Lonny took a real shining to our newest suit pannier and we couldn't have been more excited to collaborate. This year Two Wheel Gear is honoured to sponsor Calgary Bike to Work Day and donate our Classic 2.0 Garment Panniers as event prizing. We set out to solve a problem for daily bike commuters riding to work. Lonny is helping us spread that word.  Watch the below videos from Global Calgary and CTV Calgary Morning News as Lonny's charm is put into action talking about his passion for Bike to Work Day and his killer suit and tie tucked neatly in his Classic 2.0 Garment Pannier.


Two Wheel Gear Works for Seoul Philharmonic Orchestra

Last year, we received an amazing letter from our friend Anton in Seoul, Republic of Korea. This year we are sending him one of our new Classic 2.0 Garment Pannier's to test out in his incredible travels. Stay tuned for the follow-up review coming from Anton in the next few months. This is his story. 


Dear Two Wheel Gear,

Bike Commuting in SeoulI just want to thank you for your great garment bag. I work for Seoul Philharmonic Orchestra and thousands of people are watching me while on stage. My dress has to be just perfect. But the problem is that I am a passionate cyclist (as well as passionate musician). I've tried many options of transportation my tails (tuxedo) before I found Two Wheel Gear. The biggest problem for me was that I could not carry my suit on myself because my viola is there so the rack pannier was the only option. The other pannier garment bags on the market are kinda...narrow and short. This "compromise" is not acceptable for my situation. 
Anton's daily bicycle commuting itemsAnton Bike Commuting through Seoul to a performance
Orchestra suit tails packed in Classic Bike Suit Bag

My normal daily commute is only about 14km (round trip) to the rehearsal hall but much longer on the weekends. It is up to 30-60 km depending on where the concert is. I am not a light commuter. On the concert days I have to haul lots of stuff: my viola, concert dress and shoes, extra shirt,  towel, toiletries, lunch/dinner as well as my emergency repair kit (it is not good to get a flat tire on the way to the concert!!!), spare tube, tube repair kit, gloves, set of wrenches, chain tool and chain lock. All this stuff easily goes into the Two Wheel Gear garment bag! The climate here in Korea is very hot and humid in the summer and freezing cold, often snowy in the winters. I commute all year round regardless the weather. I just see no reason not to commute by bike in the rain or snow. With a proper gear it is even more exciting. You know :) 


Anton's Classic Bike Suit Bag Setup on BikeI have never experienced really heavy showers while on the bike with Two Wheel Gear bag, but the bag has passed the test in my shower room at home so I have no worries about coming rain season in July-August.

As you see on the pictures, my commuting route takes me through busy streets, bike paths and sometimes unpaved roads.

Best regards,


Anton Kang playing with Seoul Philharmonic Orchestra

2014 Snapshot - One Look Back, Two Wheels Forward

Two Wheel Gear had a major transitional, growth year in 2014. Fun, challenging and very exciting for our company and myself personally. We are emerging bolder and better and have some amazing things coming for 2015. Before forging too far ahead, I feel it appropriate to scrap book a few rough cuts of some major milestones conquered in the past year. 


It Started with a Decision

Left successful career with major corporation
Rented out Calgary house and moved to Vancouver to re-launch Two Wheel Gear
Started working on the vision

 Reid Hemsing - President of Two Wheel Gear  Waxed Cotton Messenger Bag by Two Wheel Gear  Reid Hemsing - Two Wheel Gear - Hand Made  



        Business Reset

        Pounding pavement in Vancouver


        Two Wheel Gear - ESF 2014
            Two Wheel Gear - On the Rivet   Two Wheel Gear - Denman Bike Shop  Two Wheel Gear - UBC
            • Set-up Vancouver business ground work: partnerships with suppliers, designers, pattern makers, manufacturers, retailers, brand agencies, marketers, media partners, local cycling coalitions and community
            • Two Wheel Gear rebranding campaign, designed, developed, prototyped and manufactured: 
            • Heath Messenger BagSouthwest Bike Suit BagLeather Beer Growler CaddieRoadie Belt Key ClipYoga sling 
            • and....The Classic Bike Suit Bag 2.0 (available in March!)  
            • Established new major international manufacturing partner and placed first order
            • Established new logistic supply chain utilizing international freight forwarding and negotiated new global shipping rates with FedEx
            • Formed retail partnership with MEC for 2015
            • Raised capital and obtained financing
            • New business mentor from senior management at Lululemon
            • Created, prototyped, tested the next big Two Wheel Gear product release (coming in 2015)

                Vancouver Headquarters

                Opened head office in Gastown (small but powerful)


                     Two Wheel Gear - Office New  Two Wheel Gear Office  Creative Mayhem - Colin  


                    Representing Canadian Entrepreneurs

                    Represented Futurpreneur in Ottawa along with 27 other Canadian Entrepreneurs meeting with MP's and Senators on remarkable Canadian Start-ups


                          Two Wheel Gear President - Reid Hemsing - Ottawa  Two Wheel Gear - Supreme Court of Canada


                        Bike Wins & Woes

                        Bought a new bike
                        First bike stolen 3 weeks later...
                        First time hit by car while on bike (radial fracture)


                            Reid Hemsing - Radial Fracture  Reid Hemsing - Stolen Bike



                            Featured by Momentum Magazine, reviewed by BikeCommuters.com, sponsor of Vancouver Tweed Ride, sponsor of Bike to work week, sponsor of 2014 Vanier Park Cyclocross, sponsor of 2014 Cycling BC Gala


                            Two Wheel Gear Reid Hemsing, Mike Bruner, Van Tweed Ride  Vancouver Tweed Ride 2014  Vanier Park Cyclocross 2014  Bike to Work Week 2014 



                            Welcome to 2015

                            Thank you to everyone who has supported us in 2014 and continues to dream with us. Its going to be a good year.

                            Reid Hemsing - President of Two Wheel Gear - 2015