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    Media and Industry Reviews

    Interested in connecting, reviewing our bags, or writing about Two Wheel Gear? We love to talk bike commuting, gear and whats happening with our company. We will be happy to facilitate sending product samples to qualified media outlets and bloggers for review. Please send all media enquiries to and we will be happy to set-up a time to talk details! 

    Below is a collection of some of the most recent and notable media stories and industry reviews on Two Wheel Gear and our products.


    Two Wheel Gear on Universal Sports


    Cycling expert, Craig Hummer interviews Two Wheel Gear President, Reid Hemsing at Interbike 2015 in Las Vegas.

     "enables a new discipline of cyclist." 

    - Craig Hummer

    Two Wheel Gear on Gear Hungry


    Solutions for the everyday cyclist. Gear Hungry shows why cycling is now conducive to "suiting up."

    "pulling double-duty as a weekender when you’re taking to the skies"

    - Gear Hungry

    The Vancouver Sun - Two Wheel Gear - Basement to Factory Floor


    Jenny Lee from the Vancouver Sun talks to Two Wheel Gear President, Reid Hemsing about developing the Classic 2.0 Garment Pannier and launching Two Wheel Gear on the national stage.

     "Moving from basement workshop to factory floor" 

    - Jenny Lee

    CTV News Calgary Logo - Bike To Work Day


    Lonny Balbi, founder of Bike to Work Day - Calgary talks to CTV News on how the professional gets their clothes and gear to work.

    "Essentially a suitcase for your is wonderful"

    - Lonny Balbi

    Southern California Bicyclist Logo


    Southern California Bicyclist talks about what it takes to make a cycling bag in true Canadian fashion...and then refers to it as "Russian."

     "The Russian doll of commuter gear" 

    - SoCal Bicyclist

    Toronto Life Magazine


    How to bike through the winter in comfort and style.

    "a bay street commuter's best friend"

    - Toronto Life

    TrendHunter Rates Two Wheel Gear Bicycle Suit Bag 8.5


    TrendHunter rates the Classic Garment Pannier 8.5 and names it a must see.

     "8.5a great functional accessory for businessmen and women who commute to work or would like to start

    - TrendHunter

    BC Business Essential Bike Gear For the Morning CommuteBC BUSINESS 

    Essential bike gear for the morning commute.  

    "Vancouver’s Two Wheel Gear makes products to take commuters from the bike to the boardroom without a wrinkle."

    - BC Business

    Bless this Stuff features Two Wheel GearBLESS THIS STUFF

    Drool worthy. The Classic gets props as one of the best tools for modern commuting professionals.

     "Thankfully Two Wheel Gear have you covered, their premium cycling bag was specially designed for the business professional bike commuter

    - Bless This Stuff

    design you trust on Two Wheel Gear's Bicycle commuting suit bag


    Design you trust puts us in their confidence with the garment bag for professionals.

    "was designed for the business professional bike commuter"

    - Design you Trust

    The Calgary Herald - The Ultimate Bike Commuter Bag


    Tom Babin from the Calgary Herald and author of "Frostbike" was an early tester of the Classic 2.0 Garment Pannier.

    "This designed-in-Calgary pannier may be the ultimate bike commuter bag" - Tom Babin


    Global News Calgary Logo - Two Wheel Gear Classic Garment Pannier


    Two Wheel Gear and MEC visit Global News Calgary with Bike to Work Day founder, Lonny Balbi to talk about the best bikes and bags for biking to work.

    "A lot of people think they can't bike to work because their clothes will get all wrinkley...but that is not the case" - Global News

    The Awesomer loves the Classic 2.0 Garment Pannier


    The Awesomer digs carrying capacity for well dressed cyclists.

    "The Classic 2.0 securely carries up to 5 garments"

    - The Awesomer


    Where Magazine Features the Travel Bicycle Suit Bag


    Recommending only the best travel essentials. Where Magazine picks the Classic as best travel bike bag.

    "Merging function with fashion, Two Wheel Gear's Classic 2.0 keeps clothes wrinkle-free from the bicycle to the board room" - Where Magazine

    Carryology - Making the Classic Garment Pannier


    Cory Zanoni from Carryology chronicles the design and development process of the 2.0 bike commuting pannier icon. 

    "He works with pen and paper, he works with duct tape and sharpies and rivets. He works. He plans. He works some more." - Carryology

    Momentum Magazine Classic Bicycle Suit Bag


    Momentum Magazine covers the launch of the much anticipated 2.0 version of the Classic Bike Suit Bag.

    "The Classic 2.0 Garment Pannier has the design and functionality to ensure you arrive at to your destination with crisp, clean, wrinkle-free clothing" - Momentum


    Bike Commuters Logo - Classic 2.0 Garment Pannier Review


    Bike Commuters performs a 6 week review on using the Classic 2.0 Garment Pannier and gives it to you straight.

    "Those other bags will leave your office attire all jacked up and molested looking. The Classic 2.0 is the way to go."

    - Bike Commuters

    Commute By Bike - Classic Garment Pannier Bicycle Bag


    Kyle Colavito from the Bike Shop Hub and Commute By Bike puts the Classic 2.0 Garment Pannier through the paces and shares his honest and thorough review.

    "Arrive in style with the Two Wheel Gear Classic 2.0 Garment Pannier"

    - Commute By Bike 


    Gastown Business Association - Two Wheel Gear


    Rachel Loong from the Gastown Business Improvement Society talks product and start-ups in one of Vancouver's historic neighbourhoods. 

    "Solid e-commerce sales paved the way for the company's success in the niche commuter market - and within months, they went mainstream" -


    Average Joe Cyclist Gold Bike Star for Classic 2.0 Garment Pannier


    Average Joe Cyclist takes the Classic 2.0 Garment Pannier bike touring, on the airplane and reviews it on standard and electric bikes.

    "All in all, this great product easily rates an Average Joe Cyclist Gold Bike Star!"

    - Average Joe Cyclist