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First Lookout - Benjamin Johnson

This year Two Wheel Gear formed an amazing new partnership with videographers Ben Johnson and Kurtis So. They are the brilliant minds behind our new video, The Classic Morning Commute. Below is First Lookout, a breathtaking climb up Cypress Mountain narrated through the perspective of Thomas Eleizegui, owner of Vancouver cycle-friendly coffee house, Musette Caffè.  Check out more of Ben and Kurtis' full work at and

(Excerpt from introducing the First Lookout film)

Vancouver is the city you dream of. Nestled in-between mountains, oceans and hi-rises. Some of its residents choose to use their bicycle to explore this great city and you’d be amazed at the places you can see and how far you can go. We sat down with Thomas Eleizegui, owner of Musette Caffè, and asked him “What’s your favourite ride”? He rattled off several local rides but we narrowed in on one, Cypress Mountain. 

A 10.5km, 6% grade climb, Cypress is locally known as one of the three peaks of the prestigious “Triple Crown” club. Membership requires a rider to climb all three peaks, Cypress, Grouse and Seymour in one ride. 1812m elevation and 27.2 kilometres total climbing distance. To add to the stakes a few brave souls attempt the ride in December when descents get dicey. 

The film below captures an integral moment of the climb, First Lookout. A beautiful opening at the first switchback giving the rider a view of the city below.


First Lookout from Benjamin Johnson on Vimeo.