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      Feedback from Ed in Seattle

      We love feedback. We received this email yesterday from Ed in Seattle. We wanted to share his honest thoughts on his Two Wheel Gear bag...

      Contact Form Submission:

      Name: Ed 

      Hi.  Wanted to send you a couple of comments about your bag.  I've been using it for over a month and put over 500 miles on it, and in general I'm very pleased.  I live in Seattle, ride about 32 miles a day and have used it through various weather conditions.  Even in a somewhat heavy rain, all items stayed dry.  So here are the comments I have:

      The good:
      1) Big enough for my cloths so they don't get wrinkled.
      2) Love the big and small pockets.  Took a few tries to figure out where I wanted to put everything, but got that sorted.
      3) The angle that it sits on the rack is great!  My heels never touch the bag!
      4) Detachable shoulder strap.  Nice!
      5) "D" ring attachment to pannier rack.  Much better than the hooks I've had on other bags.
      6) Relatively light for the quality of bag material.

      What can be better:
      1) A water bottle holder or pouch on the outside of the bag that can be used while caring it on my shoulder would be nice.  I take a water bottle with me and its nice to be able to put it on the outside of the bag instead of inside one of the pockets.
      2) The "D" Ring attachment straps were too short for my 1990's vintage Blackburn rack.  I had to pull the straps through the bottom cross webbing so that they would be long enough.  It still works, but more length would be nice (If you would like pictures of what I'm talking about, let me know.
      3) Some reflective tape on the "D" Ring straps pulls would make it a lot easier to see them when it's dark.  All the black-on-black is a bit tough to see on those dark, raining mornings!
      4) A more solid place to mount a tail light.  There is a little webbing strap on the back of the top pocket, but when I put either of my tail lights there, they flop around.  I'm never sure if they are pointing toward the back.

      So, keep up the good work.  At this point, I'd buy another product from you in the future.  Keep innovating!



      As for #4 we like to:

      Two Wheel Gear - Classic 1.0 Garment Pannier - Rear LightsTwo Wheel Gear - Classic 1.0 Garment Pannier - Rear Lights Dark

      Attach tail lights to the rear nylon straps. Snip the small threads to create your own loops and clip lights. Works great!

       -Two Wheel Gear

      Two Wheel Gear - Roots & Beginnings

      Established in 1999, we've actually been around for awhile...

      Two Wheel Gear was started by Ken MacLean and Craig Coulombe in 1999. The two were University of Calgary roommates, who both started working downtown Calgary and cycling into the core. The goal was to get their gear off their backs by making a cycling pannier that could take their work clothes to the office wrinkle free....no rolling, no folding, and no sweat drenched back. The result was the Two Wheel Gear commuter bike bag (Now called the Classic) and to the commuters with our bags around the world....a better way of bicycle commuting was discovered. We are a Canadian company that was proudly born online. We create the highest quality specialty commuter bags and proudly supply Canada, the U.S., Australia, New Zealand and throughout Western Europe.

      Two Wheel Gear - Ken McLean and Craig Coulombe Craig Coulombe & Ken MacLean

      Skip ahead to 2010 and meet Reid Hemsing, bike commuter and entrepreneur. We carry on the legacy that Ken and Craig started back in 1999 and have grown it even bigger. We still produce the iconic bike suit bags our company was founded on and we have some new amazing products in the works. Check us out online or wave me down rolling in Vancouver. Shoot us an email to find out more for yourself (info@twowheelgear.com)!

      Two Wheel Gear - President Reid Hemsing Reid Hemsing