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About 2WG

In 1999, we decided to start from scratch. We needed gear to help make our love affair with the bike fit seamlessly with daily life. Whether it was a trip to work or play, we didn’t see purposefully designed products for the real urban commuters. The market was hyper durable, messenger bags for the bike messenger, or flimsy backpacks for students. Neither helped us neatly get our suits to the office or clothes to a friends place for night out. Two Wheel Gear was born when we decided to start designing gear from the ground-up to make the commute easier.

Over the past 15 years, the logo has made the journey to the four corners of the world. Taking it there was our Classic Bike Suit Bag, the tried, tested and proven bicycle pannier. Through the journey, we've learned a few things and heard a few things. You want more options to enable your commute, whether you ride, walk or transit. We hear you and today we're bringing it with new gear, premium materials and the same commuter-first attitude.

2WG products are designed in Vancouver, British Columbia and manufactured in Vancouver and Calgary, Canada. Distinctive products deserve distinctive solutions - so we start from scratch.

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